Isn't Your One-Of-A-Kind Worthy Of A Masterpiece?

DNA Art Umber You've always said your horse is a true original, Now his DNA can be a work of art. The process is simple: ThoroughGen takes a sample of your horse's DNA, and turns a full genetic footprint into a beautiful art show piece. The artwork can be created in a variety of color schemes to fit the decor of your home or office. Choose from two popular sizes: 10" x 8" suitable for any desktop or table, or 24" x 18" for a bold statement in your favorite room. Wherever you hang your artwork, your custom DNA masterpiece is sure to be the center of attention. As always, our sampling requires just a few hairs from the mane or tail, without an expensive and invasive blood draw from the animal.

Each work of art is printed on an acid-free canvas material with fade resistant inks. Choose from 9 popular color schemes:

Portrait Color Options

Pricing for these unique works of art begins at $199 for a 10" x 8", and $399 for a 24" x 18".
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